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 We’re proud to say that all of our concrete driveway options are great choices, as we like to think that we do some of the best in the state. Concrete Contractors in Des Moines are all generally proud of their installations, but we’re a cut above because of our people and no nonsense approach to improving the quality of your home. Aggregate driveways, more commonly known as exposed aggregate concrete, happens to be one of our specialties.

What is Exposed Aggregate Concrete?

Aggregate concrete is essentially any amount of combination of stone, gravel, slag, sand, and even other pieces of concrete. As a mix, you’re more likely to see all of these things represented, making a more unique look and feel for a driveway. Generally, you’re going to see a 60-80% mix acting as a compressive strength with the sum of all of their parts.
Usually, for a job well done, you’re going to want strong, clean, and devoid of chemicals or clay coatings of other materials that could be detrimental to the composition of the aggregate, which is seriously important if you’re going to have a driveway, as it’s known to deal with a lot of weight and pressure, even more so if you live in an area that’s prone to be cold - like the state of Iowa.
At present, there are three different methods used to compose aggregate concrete: monolithic, seeded, and overlay.
Monolithic concrete involves adding the small stones into the concrete as it is being made. It’s the most popular method and as such the most seen variation of aggregate concrete. Check out what you can do with a patio.
Seeded concrete is adding the aggregate after the concrete has been already laid. There are two ways of doing this, however, doing it by hand is generally considered to be the most popular variety.
The third is overlay. This method involves actually spreading the aggregate over existing concrete - provided that it’s in good condition.

Advantages of Aggregate Concretes for Driveways

First and foremost, we should say that virtually all concrete driveways have a laundry list of advantages, especially when you have Concrete Contractor Pro Des Moines on the case. However, we find that aggregate driveways present their own advantages due to its unique composition.
Durability and Longevity. As we were earlier stating, we think that aggregate concrete used for driveways is exceptionally strong, due to both the concrete itself and the addition of the other stones inside. We all know that concrete itself, if properly installed, can last for a few decades. With aggregate driveway, you get even extra protection against both extreme weather and heavy traffic.
This is doubly good for the budget-conscious homeowner. If you don’t have to spend a lot of money in maintenance, you’re afforded the ability to put that money elsewhere.
Different Stylings. We’re also a pretty big fan of the different decorative aspects you have available to you. While we love concrete as a whole, we understand that by nature it can be drab, even when it’s pristine. Fortunately, aggregate driveways allow for you to drum up a variety of colors, opening up a literal rainbow of colorways - if you happen to be the adventurous type.
These colors allow you to match the exterior of your home, including different textures, as well.
Set it and Forget it. A good deal of concrete can be low maintenance, but that is not always the case. Aggregate concrete doesn’t really require much because of its strength, even if you’re dealing with frigid weather or plenty of rain. However, most concrete aficionados prefer that you seal the concrete to maintain a glossy experience. For standard maintenance, you’re essentially just spraying off the concrete here and there and that’s it.
Skid Resistance. Aggregate concrete is also known to be incredibly safe. It’s resistant to skids, which is something that can come in handy for someone like Iowa. This is due to the composition - it’s layered with small stones. This allows for people to safely go to and fro without worrying about falling, as these stones provide a decent grip! Head Home.

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