Concrete Patios Des Moines

Constructing a patio is probably one of the better things that you can do to the exterior of your home. At its essence, we’re of the opinion that building a patio should personally reflect your style and natural preference. As a renowned concrete contractor in Des Moines, we’re really pleased to announce that we’ve taken on some of the tougher jobs in Iowa and we think that we’ve mostly passed each and every challenge with flying colors.
We understand that it can be a difficult undertaking in the consultation, planning, and installation phase for some of the more discerning home and business owners. So, we go the extra mile to ease your mind and make this one of your favorite home improvement projects. This includes using high quality materials, expert craftsmanship, and a demeanor that makes the customer a true partner from the beginning to the end of the project.

Advantages of Concrete Patios

If you’re here, you understand that concrete is always a  great choice for a patio - even over a wooden patio or deck. While we’re huge fans of virtually any material used for a patio, we’re obviously a bit more partial to concrete. Not only because it’s our business, but also because we just consider it to be a superior material for any patio - especially in Des Moines and the surrounding areas.
Here’s some of the prevailing reasons why you should always consider concrete for your patio.
Versatility. While it certainly wasn’t this way in the past, a huge selling point of a concrete patio is its versatility. In days past, you essentially had very limited options for concrete. These days, you have different color variations through colored concrete, stamped concrete, and colors for poured-in-place concrete. As such, you can basically have concrete poured in any shape that you want in any color that you want. You really can’t beat that. Stamped concrete is very important in many projects.
 Maintenance. We all know that, if installed correctly, you won’t have to worry a whole lot about maintaining concrete. However, it does also offer maintenance benefits over things like paved stone - where you may have to worry about cracks (or even weeds) as concrete offers an even surface. It’s also not something that can create a tripping hazard that you can find in paving stones or even some wooden patios.
Saves Money. No job is free, but concrete really can save some money, especially when you consider the overall value. These days, people simply don’t have to settle on concrete, as you can stamp it, engrave it, color it, and do virtually anything else within some reason. Compare this to paving stones or even wood, whereas you can quickly rack up some fees in procuring and installing.
Durability. One of the bigger things about concrete is that you don’t have to worry about it holding up - even in cold weather. Iowa concrete contractors are generally great at understanding how to make the concrete last, as sometimes special considerations have to take place to assure that it stands the test of time. Whether it’s steel or rebar, if applied correctly, you should be completely fine for quite some decades.
When you use our service, you can rest assured that you’re getting exactly all of these advantages and more. We’ve been there, and as a local company, we will mostly understand exactly some of the challenges that you may face and the level of quality that you routinely expect.

Concrete Repairs

Unfortunately, we understand that all concrete contractors in Des Moines - are not created equally. While we generally do prefer to do complete installs, we understand that you can be mostly happy with the product that you have received and you just need it straightened up.
We’re here to help! We’ve repaired a fair amount of concrete in our time and we would love to continue to serve the people of Des Moines and the surrounding areas. We do our best to diagnose any cracks, structural integrity issues, and more when we get to your home or business. Head back to our home page here.

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If you’re looking for the best contractors for concrete, don’t hesitate to give us a call. We’re trustworthy, personable, and we can walk you through the process. If you have existing plans, preferences, or styling - we can assist in that goal and provide you with exactly what you’ve been considering. We can also do it for a price that you can afford, as we believe in being a true service in our community. Call us today and we can quickly work something out!