Of all of the jobs that concrete contractors in Des Moines, pavers have to be one of the most rewarding. While it may be a bit more arduous than just pouring concrete, it’s also one of the most fulfilling considering what the final project looks like. While concrete itself doesn’t particularly get run of the mill, there’s just something special about laying down stones and seeing the whole plan come together.
This does mean that you’ll need a qualified installer for these kinds of jobs, as it does tend to run a bit more expensive than some of the standard concrete jobs. You simply can’t waste that much stone or limited use of the area you want to put them in. Though, once you’ve found someone who truly knows what they’re doing - like us - you’re likely to find that area of your property to be your absolute favorite. Pavers can also be used for durable services like that!

Advantages in Paving

All stone and concrete work has great advantages. As a renowned contractor for concrete, we have had the esteemed honor to work with virtually every material, as well as working with esteemed clients across the state of Iowa. We’re a huge fan of paving as it has some very unique benefits even over most other types - mostly because we think it adds an element of class that some other types can’t compare with.
Here are some things that we’ve found to be especially worthwhile if you’re considering paving for your home, driveway, patio, or anything else
Easy to Replace. First and foremost, if you’re experiencing any issues with your pavers, you won’t have to worry about it isn’t especially difficult to replace them. Replacing any part of your driveway may lead to some discoloration over time, though most qualified contractors can mitigate this risk. Even still, pavers won’t present this issue should they crack. After all, they’re just stones. You can just remove the areas that need attention and add some new pavers that very same day.
Easy Coloration. With a skilled hand, you can very much have any color that you want with most materials, but most would agree that pavers offer a level of coloration that others simply cannot. Materials used in pavers are much unlike others where you’re much more limited. It won’t be hard to match a color that looks good to the exterior and even the interior of your home.
Various Patterns. Patterns with pavers may actually be the best part of the whole endeavor. If your mind can conceive it, you can have it done. If you’re a basketball fan - sure, go ahead and recreate the shape of the court. Initials? No problem, go crazy. Pavers are great for exactly this point.
Durability. Most pavers can withstand a great deal of weight and shouldn’t require much looking after. However, it isn’t as strong as concrete, all in all, so you will find times where you will have to replace the pavers. However, since they’re pretty easy to do and can be done in a day, we don’t see this as much of a detriment for most home and/or business owners.
Ornate. Let’s face it; you’ll be hard-pressed to find something as ornate as pavers if done well. A driveway simply comes alive when they’re added. When you consider all of the colors, patterns, and ideas in places to put them with little to no hassle, it becomes a no-brainer if you can budget for it.
Quick Installation. Unlike many jobs that you’ll find in the concrete world, pavers can be done in a matter of ways, depending on what you may need to be done.
Uses. Pavers can be used absolutely anywhere outside or even inside of your home. This is something that you simply cannot say about many materials outside of wood. While concrete can be installed many places as well, the flexibility that you get with pavers is unbeaten. Check out our main service page here