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These days, concrete simply isn’t as drab as it was in years past. Now you have the ability to have concrete essentially look how however you want. Whether you’re talking about colors or pour-in to make shapes all the way down to a variety of stamps and engraving options, you won’t feel like you’re missing out. As long as you have a qualified contractor for concrete, you’ll have a home that really feels like your own.
Stamped concrete, especially used in conjunction with other stylistic choices, you can really get your creative juices flowing. It’s a good thing for the contractor, too, as they are now afforded the ability to really work on something special. Using high quality material, work ethic, and invaluable experience, you can soon be the envy of all your friends and neighbors. Retaining walls can vastly improve your property value. 


In addition to the above benefits, we think that it takes a bit of digging into to figure out what you’re actually getting when you’re choosing stamped concrete for your home or business. You’ll find that in addition to the aesthetic benefit of stamped concrete in Des Moines, you’ll find that there are some more practical and functional benefits that we think that every homeowner will be happy.
Less Labor Intensive. Of course, every concrete contractor has some of their own methods to make things easier on them and their crew, most will agree that stamped concrete is less labor intensive overall. The idea is that many contractors would prefer to just pour the concrete and add stamps when it’s time. For the homeowner, this could mean that you may save a lot of time when it comes to having the contractors at your property.
Longevity. When you’re dealing with concrete, you want it to last for decades. When properly installed, that’s exactly what you’re getting, even if it’s stamped. Your initial investment is usually all you’ll have to deal with, and while you may pay a bit more for stamped concrete, it’s negligible when you consider other materials.
Maintenance. Stamped concrete, while decorative, doesn’t require much maintenance over a long term. Things like pavers can be tricky in that you have to replace them, do a fair amount of weed control, and reduce all of the tripping hazards that they’re known for.
Resale Value. If your stamped concrete is done well, you’ll see that your property value will go up. This is especially true when you factor in the above reasons. Also, stamped concrete seems to even increase your property value even over standard types of concrete. Go Back

Color Considerations

We’re of the opinion that colored and stamped concrete works the best for most homes and other properties. While it’s important for us to give every customer exactly what they want, it stands to reason that not every color is always advisable. After all, concrete is most definitely something that’s built to last, so it’s not something that you’re just going to get rid of once you figured out what it’s going to look like. 
Most Concrete Contractors in Des Moines advise that you stay within the boundaries of your home’s unique style. Another option for stamped concrete is to play against the natural geography of the state. However, it’s ultimately up to the homeowner, and the contractor will generally be of great assistance if you’re not quite sure about how the concrete will pour and how it will look over time.

Pattern Considerations

Pattern considerations can be a bit more difficult, though you will understand that you do have unlimited options. You can choose textures that look like wood, brick, stone, tile, or even stamped concrete that has grout lines. You can even mix it up as much as you see fit - that’s the beauty. Seamless concrete even has the ability to seem as if space is bigger, which is nice if you’re into a more open look.
In fact, you may even want to mix it up further and even add some aggregate concrete to make it a truly remarkable piece.

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